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Slow down your breath, slow down your thoughts,

just... slow... things... down.

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Are you a yoga studio looking to bring in restorative yoga teacher training or need an experienced co-lead to deliver your 200HR teacher training? Need a guest lecturer in your 200HR teacher training on topics like history of yoga, sanskrit, chakras, assists and adjustments, restorative yoga, posture clinics and/or alignment based asana? Are you a student or teacher of yoga looking to deepen your knowledge in Restorative Yoga? Reach out to learn more!

30 HOUR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Do you love restorative yoga? So much that you’d like to teach it to others? Or perhaps you’d simply like to add more restorative postures into your home practice, but you’re not quite sure where to start. This training is for you. Restorative yoga continues to grow in popularity because of its inherent accessibility to all levels of students and its extraordinary healing power of stillness. Learn how to manifest peace and calm for yourself and your students through restorative yoga, a receptive practice of deep relaxation that leverages the support of props. Nicole Schneider, E-RYT 200 and YACEP is a passionate full-time traveling yoga teacher who has taught thousands of yoga classes, and led workshops and trainings across Chicagoland. As a dedicated and innovative teacher and student of restorative yoga, she is ecstatic to share the healing practice of restorative yoga to all those willing to open their hearts to receive the stillness that already exists within.


DESIGNED FOR: New and experienced yoga teachers, health and wellness professionals, students of yoga


METHODOLOGY: Lectures, demos, practice, partner exercises and practice teaching, homework/quizzes, training manual, discussions and Q&A



  • History and relevance of restorative yoga

  • Difference between restorative yoga and yin yoga

  • The science behind the relaxation response and how restorative yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Posture clinics to learn restorative yoga poses - alignment, benefits and contraindications

  • Creative use of props (or lack of!)

  • How to effectively sequence and plan innovative restorative yoga classes

  • The art of assists and adjustments

  • Intro to subtle energy body

  • Setting the ambiance – music/sound, essential oils/incense, lighting

  • Theming an inspiring class



  • Certification of completion

  • 30hrs of continuing education credit which can be used for Yoga Alliance CEU hours

  • Training manual

  • Extended list of recommended readings and resources

  • Continued community of like-minded teachers/students of yoga

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