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"When one enters into the space of Nicole's yoga class, it allows one to travel to another space and time.  It is an elegant dance between the grasp of control and the joy of surrender.  She reminds me of the space I was privileged to enter with the Dalai Lama, reminding me that the quieter I became the more I was able to hear.  Her classes bring me to an inner quiet that I so desperately needed.  Nicole shows us that when she fell in love with yoga, she gave herself permission to fall in love with herself.  Nicole, I am so grateful for you!  Namaste!  Shanti!"

Mary Lynn Colosimo, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology Emerita



"Benevity is all about mental health and
we love Nicole’s classes!"

Melissa Lach


"Gecko has a very social/team driven type of culture and we always look to make each other better. We were looking to provide some social events for our employees to enjoy during the quarantine. Nicole has been leading a yoga class each week for us to promote self-care and team bonding during these interesting times."

Lauren Frey

Gecko Robotics

"Nicole quickly became a favorite yoga instructor. While her knowledge and ability to teach to anyone at any level made me feel so welcome when I started this journey, her creativity, encouragement, and presence are authentic and inspirational. I have intentionally reworked my weekly schedule to attend Nicole’s classes across multiple platforms as her guidance has helped me psychologically, physically, and spiritually. I am so very thankful our paths have crossed!"

Jessica Mikulecky

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